Break-Through Exogenous 
Ketone Fat-Burning 

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Break-through Exogenous Ketone Fat-Burning Formulation — KETOBA™

Whether it is for fat-loss, athletic performance, mental focus or anti-aging, this new ketone technology does not induce the gastrointestinal distress that is common with ketone or MCT-based formulations. KETOBA™ patent-pending research-based pharmacology works off the short chain fatty acid platform where butyric acid serves as the primary metabolic inducer and precursor accompanied by an exogenous beta-hydroxy butyrate (BHB) blend. KETOBA™ is an extremely potent branded ingredient that is making headlines everywhere it’s introduced. Available only to qualified brands.  

Rhema has secured the exclusive licensing rights to KETOBA™ — a patent-pending ketone discovery that can be used on its own or formulated for market-specific applications. 

We see the strong applications for KETOBA™ in the following markets: 
  • Sports Performance - non-stimulant energy and endurance; anti-inflammatory; no lactic acid build-up, fast recovery.
  • Ketogenic Diet Support - ketogenic diet benefits without strictly following ketogenic eating guidelines
  • Nootropic - ketones promote mental clarity and focus - shows promise as substitute for ADHD drugs in some cases
  • Diabetic Support - lowers blood sugar without becoming hypoglycemic

There are only two ketone-based technologies that present research supported outcomes: Ketones+MCT and KETOBA™. Some features of the pharmacology these two technologies utilise are similar but other features are distinctly different. KETOBA™ leverages the latest biotechnology to deliver efficient and effective outcomes never before experienced.

For a more technical explanation about the metabolic effects of ketones and ketosis please take a look at these articles:

KETOBA™ - Patent-Pending Exogenous Ketone. Background and Science.

Ketosis as a Platform

Ketoba™ FAQ

We’ve created a grid to help you better understand the ketone marketplace and how KETOBA™ compares. 

Ketone Product Comparison

Raspberry Ketones Ketones+MCT KETOBA™

What is it?

A chemical derived from raspberries used for scent and flavor in both cosmetics and food.

Ketones (beta-hydroxybutyrate(BHB)) combined with MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

Ketones [beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) - Butyric Acid (BA) - a short-chain fatty acid] with Green tea extract.   



Pruvit - Keto/OS, KetoCaNa


Promotes Ketosis




Recommended minimum effective dose to raise serum ketones beyond basal level


11 grams

2 grams

Improves Mental Focus




Switches metabolism to burn fat as an energy source




Proven benefits/applications

Smells great

Weight loss, blood sugar regulation; energy/endurance; mental focus and improves cognitive deficit; anti-inflammatory; facilitates ketosis and fat oxidation; ATP substrate.

Energy/endurance; mental focus and attention deficit support; anti-inflammatory; mucosal membrane/ cell energy; blood sugar regulation; ATP substrate; facilitates fat oxidation/ketosis; supports probiotic culture in gut; better bio availability through mucosal permeability.

Common Side Effects


Diarrhea, gas, gastro-intestinal distress;  excess sodium intake; can distress and disrupt gastrointestinal probiotic culture

Forgetting /not feeling the need to eat

Proven by science




Protected by patents




Retail cost/mo




Free Trial




*Based on auto subscription option.

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