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Ketosis as a Platform

By Franco Cavaleri BSc NB PhDc

Since the 1930’s, the importance of ketosis, induced through a ketogenic diet, has been well documented, particularly after early trials proved it a success in treating cases of drug resistant epilepsy. Shortly thereafter intensive studies were underway to unveil the therapeutic mechanism by which this extreme dietary program successfully treated the pathology of not just epilepsy but other diseases related to cognition (Alzheimer’s included), cardiovascular function and metabolic dysregulation, such as chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity.

With such early success, why has ketosis cycled in and out of public awareness, to no lasting effect? Quite simply, Ketosis has only been possible through strict dietary protocols designed to induce endogenous ketones (ketosis), making it a very difficult program for practitioners to adhere to. Moreover, a ketogenic program hasn't always achieved therapeutic potential, since results vary to such a great degree on the diligence of adherents to such a restrictive diet, coupled to other lifestyle and genetic variances. What's been missing is a mechanism to induce ketosis through dietary supplementation that maintains or adds ketones, exogenous ketones, in the bloodstream, improving reliability of therapeutic outcomes.

Now, such a supplement has been developed and it is about to change, reset, if you will, how we view metabolism. It's a dietary game changer overnight!

How does ketosis work?

In the absence of dietary carbs (and low gluconeogenic protein sources) and the abundance of dietary fat, the body will begin to utilize dietary fat as a source of energy. A typical diet to enter into and stay in ketosis is: 65-70% fat; 20% protein; 5-10% carb (with a max daily carb intake of 50 grams on average in order to stay in ketosis).

What's so outstanding about ketosis is its potential to generate a new source of energy for the brain as an alternative to glucose. Whereas many of our cells can use fat to eventually create energy (ATP) if glucose is sparse. The brain cannot receive oxidizable fats as most fats cannot cross the blood-brain- barrier. However, ketones are small hydrophilic molecules and can cross to provide the neurons with a VERY efficient energy source. Neurons are now known to thrive with ketones as a fuel; and some believe this to be a superior energy source especially for those with genetic predispositions for disease or lifestyle induced diseases.

New product technology:

Today we have an inflection point that changes how ketosis is viewed: a supplement that supplies ketones (or proketones) and short chain fatty acids in one dose. This standardizes ketone availability (ketone source) and supplies substrates and induction signals (short chain fatty acids) for ketone production by the body despite the diet.


Oxidation of ketones

Produces almost 40% more ATP per carbon than the oxidation of glucose; produces less oxidative stress on the cells; protects neurons from hypoxia and oxidation; causes the cells to increase mitochondrial numbers; improves endogenous antioxidant status; and requires less oxygen to metabolise.

How does this translate into a physiological outcome?

Typically athletes require less oxygen to thrive and perform under load when in ketosis; insulin demands decrease; blood sugar remains relatively stable despite meal frequency so this is good for those vulnerable to blood sugar fluctuations; appetite is better controlled because of the dietary fat density and ketone signals; meal frequency is reduced; brain fog is eliminated; there’s a general reduction in subclinical inflammation; improved triglyceride levels and profiles and more.

Research shows ketones to be neuroprotective; to improve neurotransmitter regulation (abrogates overstimulation – ADD, seizures etc); improve mood; counter depression; induce fat loss; compensate for and even correct lifestyle induced Type II diabetes. These ketones will also serve as cell signalling mechanisms to treat various ailments or features of the disease pathology as described above.

If one elevates ketone levels via this exogenous supplement and consumes a carbohydrate source to elevate serum glucose, true ketosis at the level of the metabolism is averted. Nevertheless, serum levels of ketones will remain high due to the supplement to serve the body in many unique ways as described above. If one is not taking the supplement but depends on the low carbohydrate diet for ketone induction, the cheating to consume carbs even at one sitting will shut down ketosis altogether. However, using the ketone supplement keeps ketones in the blood stream at functional levels despite the diet!

What is different about KETOBA™?

In the past it could take 3 -5 days to get into a state where ketone levels in the body were high enough to overcome the lag and drag of low glycogen caused by the carbohydrate-restricted phase. The low carb diet is required to induce endogenous ketosis. Again, ketosis is a state where ketone bodies are high enough in blood (>0.3 mM) ; and the cells have switched over to using the ketones as an energy source. Our cells work like hybrid vehicles to switch from using one fuel source to the other – ketones and glucose. Cells can grab onto glucose quickly when in ketosis if one cheats on the diet or fails to realize sugar is included in a recipe to snap you out of ketosis.

BUT it can take several hours to days to get back into ketosis after a slip and while transitioning back into ketosis the lag and drag of the low carb diet amidst low serum ketone levels can be difficult. The supplement we have here keeps ketones high despite the slip; and as a result there is no lag or flu-like induction phase to get you back into ketosis.

Blood/serum ketones can also be easily measured now using dual-stage glucometers that measure both serum glucose and ketones. As a result, and relatively inexpensively, the user can measure whether they are in ketosis or not and how stable blood sugar remains. Despite my meals serum glucose stays between 4.2-4.6 mM when on this program and ketone levels are always >0.4 mM/L. This delicate switching from one ATP substrate to another typically creates the prohibitive nature of the ketogenic lifestyle – the lag in energy until the body has produced enough ketones. The difference today with this novel technology is the available exogenous ketone supplementation and precursors for ketone generation; the constant availability of serum ketones despite the dietary tendencies. This gives the body a buffer of ketones to keep levels up whether the diet is ketogenic or not.

The body does not have to wait for carb and glycogen depletion to push ketone levels up. This strategy also gives people a crutch to lean on so they don’t have to worry about the cheat day. This alleviates the stress of the restriction. It helps those of us with families that involve people with different eating habits; and keeps us going on our program despite mild deviations.

Market Trends:

Recently there has been a trend of awareness and excitement over ketosis. This is a hot topic and a hot selling category. And the product prices are very high. Consumers can spend as much as $300.00 per month to stay on this ketogenic program YET the market is thriving. This ketosis heat wave provides the platform for us to utilize this patented technology to tap into a category where products are selling at extremely high cost of goods.

Our new technology would allow us to offer goods at half the typical cost to the consumer and produce a feeding frenzy on our product – an inflection point that changes the game in this category altogether.

What is different about this ketone/ketosis product:

Is currently at patent-pending status with the data available to support the patent and coming data to close the patent. This product combines short chain fatty acids with beta-hydroxybutyrate to provide synergistic benefits as described below.

  • Protected formulation strategy
  • Demonstrated to increase serum ketones in just fifteen minutes
  • Take twice daily to stay in hyperketonaemia despite the diet.
  • Consumers can use a readily available glucometer/ketone reader to confirm serum results after consuming the product
  • Formulation packed into a convenient single serving. 
  • Less than half the price to supplement with this technology over conventional ketone product strategies due to the pharmacological effectiveness
  • Lots of research to support the application
  • Supplies many health benefits including and not limited to:
  • Neurological support (cognitive energy/performance), general physical energy, stamina, fat loss, anticatabolic for athletes, supports lean body mass enhancement for athletes, improved insulin efficiency in cases of insulin resistance, anti-inflammatory activity, appetite control, supports mucosal membrane integrity in cases of gastrointestinal disorders.
Great ketogenic support! Enhanced energy and mood which sets one up for workout attitude; insulin efficiency support (blood sugar clearance support); and the thermogenic effect of Ketoba are all conducive to amazing lean body mass support.

Great pre-workout strategy! Due to the quick onset of activity (15-20 minutes) Ketoba serves as a great pre-workout strategy. Take 15-20 minutes prior to working out for improved workout mood, energy and stamina.

Expansion of concept:

Multiple products have been designed to expand the concept into multi-product programs that move beyond this immediate onset pre-workout and energy enhancement product. This convenient cost efficient product will send in motion a new trend and price point redefining the category that we can expand to several products. The measurable results in terms of serum ketone levels and noticeable immediate mental and physical energy make it a very exciting prospect. The fact that we can come to market with an extremely low price at the get-go is a tremendous advantage.


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