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Our Lab and Nutraceutical Product Development

Our lab, and the team that runs it, is the backbone of Rhema manufacturing. From expert formulation to pioneering the use of cutting edge raw materials, our team of flavour specialists can science exactly the product you need.

It all starts with our team...

Let our qualified formulation specialists help you every step of the way. With decades of award-winning product development expertise for you to draw from, our product developers work with the sales, QC and purchasing teams to bring your product to life and establish an agreed specification that meets your requirements.


Our Lab

It’s all in the formula

There are many parameters that our Product Development team assesses before creating a workable formula. For example, a consideration of the ingredients’ flowability and density as well as particle size and shape is required. How the ingredients are to be blended and for how long are also primary considerations when formulating. The critical “secret” to a successful formula is the expertise in combining ingredients and using their appropriate dosage level, regardless if the ingredient is new and novel or one that has been around for decades. Effectiveness and great taste will lead to the end result of an award winning consumer product.

These parameters are often established with a series of trials. Successful trials allow our experts to create unique blending protocols for even the most challenging formulations and provide the data necessary to meet the agreed finished product specification. Once the protocols are established, the finished product specification finalized and the product is ready for production, the product development is complete.


Fast Formulation and Prototype Outputs

  • Bench top trials for initial taste panel
  • Upscaling to pilot for validation studies and stability
  • Upscaling to production batches for commercial sales

One of the best ways to get your product development going is to use the Rhema Online Product Builder.

It covers all the bases of what we need to know in order to help you get the best value for your new product.

The Capabilities of the Rhema Lab

effective formulas

We are always creating effective formulas that utilize raw materials at therapeutic levels in multiple dosage forms (powder, capsules, tablets).

Products that have positive health benefits where consumers feel the improved quality of life in a very short period of time sell themselves.

Staying ahead of market trends

We are staying ahead of market trends by formulating with leading-edge raw materials and not those that are over-exposed in the marketplace.

Our excellent raw material supplier relationships facilitate your access to exclusivities as well as “first to know” ingredients.

Experts in

We are experts in flavouring very challenging raw materials with the use of natural flavours and natural sweeteners.

Taste is king and when combined with therapeutic effectiveness, the outcome is always a successful product

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