QHow can Ketoba™ be worked into a Ketogenic Diet?

Taken once or twice daily, Ketoba™ can help get one through the substrate transition phase without the carb-flu (while on the low to ‘zero’ carb diet); and facilitate hepatic β-oxidation via butyrate (BA) signaling to, again, support ketogenesis and ketosis. The results achieved and the reports announced by professional athletes in sport when Ketoba™ is used as a pre-workout formula in the fasting workout are quite remarkable. BA is also shown to curb appetite and support better food portion control and this helps the user to stay in control of the ketogenic diet. Ketoba™’s BHB-BA activated ketone strategy is more comprehensive than a basic passive ketone (BHB) supplement and void of gastrointestinal distress associated with the common BHB plus MCT strategy.

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