QCan Ketoba™ replace the ketogenic diet?

Ketoba™ may help induce ketosis and support ketogenesis BUT it cannot completely simulate the ketogenic diet and its known and unknown signaling and metabolic events. Upon consuming Ketoba™ we can measure serum ketone (BHB) levels rise; we see incremental Nrf2 signaling despite serum glucose levels (and diet); and the irrefutable workload tolerance in a fasted state that is repeatedly reported in both uncontrolled and controlled experimentation.

Engagement of the ketogenic diet is advocated for therapy and for treatment of severe metabolic syndrome and cognitive deficits to generate higher serum ketone levels. In this case Ketoba™ supplementation can play an instrumental role helping to maintain a buffer zone, so-to-speak, to make certain serum BHB levels stay consistently high and serum glucose is driven down.

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