QDo ketone supplements help you burn fat?

The short answer for the ‘ketone’ is ‘NO’. Nevertheless, Ketoba™ dosing involves the BHB-BA complex strategy. This strategy is such that we avoid producing a BHB serum spike that is prolonged since elevated serum BHB inhibits mobilization of fat during a fasting workout. It is well understood that elevated serum BHB inhibits lipolysis and will impeded fat utilization for β- oxidation by the liver. To raise and prolong ketosis from the exogenous ketone body is to simply prevent the body from oxidizing endogenous fat during that workout; and ketogenesis from ensuing during that fasted workout.

Ketoba™ is designed to provide a bridging BHB energy substrate to start the workout at fill force; but to push the body/metabolism to use its own fat stores from which the liver can generate ketones (Ketone Bodies) to fuel the balance of the workout.

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