QHow is Ketoba™ used to support cognition?

Administration of Ketoba™ produces an immediate increase in serum BHB that is measurable within 15 minutes. This coincides with a feeling of alertness and focus. Neurons can use ketones as energy substrates and it is said that the efficiency by which ATP can be generated using the ketone versus glucose may be in the order exceeding 38% more ATP per unit ketone carbon. The energy powerhouses (mitochondria) of this increase in numbers to accommodate the ketone.

The heightened mental state can survive for an hour to two hours post administration depending on various factors such as diet, body weight, rested state, exercise intensity, meal size/load, metabolic features and more. Most people report a feeling of heightened awareness, focus and mental acuity upon administration. Research supports improvements in dementias, epilepsy, ADD and other cognitive disorders with ketone (Ketone body) administration.

HOWEVER, IF LONG TERM KETOSIS IS INTENDED the ketogenic diet must form the foundation of the program and KETOBA™ can serve as facilitation and buffering program to maintain a baseline serum BHB from the exogenous source once or twice daily. The BHB-BA complex of Ketoba™ supplies BA to also support cognitive health from additional synergistic activity. Cognitive support in terms of therapeutic activity may require multiple daily doses.

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