QIs more Ketoba™ better for my expected results? Can I lose weight using ketones or Ketoba™?

Regular BHB (ketone) is very different from Ketoba™. Typically it is said the more BHB consumed the better. This is certainly not the case. BHB represents a calorie source – 4.5-5.1 Kcal per gram. In order to begin burning your own fat calories after consuming a serving one needs to burn through the consumed supplement calories. In addition to the calories, research irrefutably demonstrates that a rise in serum ketones can inhibit lipolysis NOT induce it so the blanket claims for fat loss by exogenous ketone supplementation are not appropriate. MORE IS NOT BETTER.

Nevertheless, research does support appetite control and beta oxidation induction with butyric acid (BA) supplementation, a major constituent of the BHB-BA complex in Ketoba™. This short chain fatty acid (not the medium chain triglyceride) is also shown to improve markers of cardiovascular and cognitive health [114]. Mice taking butyrate in the diet eat less food; stay spontaneously leaner; have more energy; and stay more active. AND this short chain fatty acid does not induce gastrointestinal distress like the MCT can. Ketoba™ is designed to help the body ‘burn’ fat as a primary energy source.

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