QWhen should I take Ketoba™?

There are many ways to use Ketoba™ to support goal attainment.

One of our recommendations is to take a Ketoba™ serving as a pre-workout supplement to support a fasting workout. If we use Ketone Shift as an example: Dissolve a full serving in 500 mls of water; drink half immediately and sip on the rest throughout the workout. The carefully strategized BHB:BA ratio helps clear blood sugar while supporting an increase in serum ketone from two sources. This allows for maximum biological activity from the exogenous BHB supplied. This dose is high enough to support energy demands in the early stage of the workout but not excessive enough to limit generation of ketones from your own body fat as you progress through your fasted workout. The incremental contribution to serum ketones by a metabolism that has been corralled by BA toward the ketogenic goal supports energy demands after the accompanying BHB is ‘burned’. This strategy helps spare dietary protein from gluconeogenesis, directing your selected protein source to support anabolism (building). This strategy is designed to get your body into fat ‘burning’ mode to use your stored fat as your primary fuel source for your workout. Mind and body energy are formidable.

NOTE: Ketone Shift is one brand name supplement of many ‘made with Ketoba™’.

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