QHow is Ketoba™ different from a typical Ketone supplement?

The typical exogenous ketone supplement is a BHB salt or ester supplying the BHB passively. Ketoba is an activated ketone. KETOBA™ couples the ketone (BHB) to a short-chain fatty acid β-oxidation activator, butyrate/butyric acid (BA) to facilitate fat-burning for increased energy, stamina, mental clarity and anti-inflammatory benefits – BHB-BA. BA serves directly as an energy substrate for some cells just like BHB does, but more importantly provides an activation signal to the liver for ketogenesis - production of ketones from the breakdown of fatty acids. BHB on its own inhibits lipolysis preventing the body from utilizing its own fat stores to produce ketones. BA alternatively promotes insulin health and oxidation of fat to facilitate use of fat as an energy substrate.

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