QHow much Ketoba™ do I need to raise serum BHB levels?

We show each regular serving of Ketoba™ (such as Ketone Shift; 4.5-5 gram serving) can increase serum BHB to as high as 1.2 mM in some individuals; in others the same dose increases serum BHB levels to 0.6 and 0.8. This variance is based on body weight, lean body mass proportion, metabolic activity, and dietary and lifestyle variations amongst us all. To compound this change in serum BHB, serum glucose is also shown to decrease (to 5.0 4.5 mM) with Ketoba™ administration in most cases in a comparable inverse relationship to the incremental BHB pattern. Nevertheless, the interesting findings in our work related to Nrf2 enhancement demonstrate induction of the transcription factor to support internal (endogenous) antioxidant status of the cell occurs at 0.8 mM BHB. These represent mild incremental serum BHB levels. Yet Nrf2 activity in these same models increases again at 1.0 mM serum BHB; ultimately reaching peak activity for Nrf2 induction by 1.6 mM serum BHB. There is no incremental difference for Nrf2 activity at 2.4 mM serum BHB. Nrf2 is a transcription factor that promotes the production of protective antioxidants in our cells as a conditioning mechanism.

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