QHow can Curcumin BDM30™ help improve my performance potential?

The inflammatory process plays an important role in recovery and regeneration of tissue, including myogenesis (muscle generation). Skeletal muscle cells are said to be one of the most adaptable cells/tissue of the body. The underlying objective with resistance training, for example, is to evoke microtrauma of the working skeletal muscle cells resulting in cell signalling that activates satellite cells in the vicinity of the strained fiber. This activation prompts aggregation and fusing of these cells with mature muscle fibers. This is ultimately the compensatory hypertrophy we expect to occur as an adaptation feature to the extra-ordinary workload, adding muscle mass and strength over time.

That prolonged soreness that often persists to the next training day, however, is a problem. Prolonged survival of that post-workout soreness is indicative of longstanding TNFα and inflammation; and interference with maximum recovery potential.

That means interference with your own human potential. BDM30™ inhibits prolonged survival of TNFα and prolonged inflammation (including soreness). This supports maximal recovery and regeneration.

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