QWhat is Nrf2 and how does Curcumin BDM30™ activate it?

Nrf2 is a regulator of the endogenous antioxidant defense systems built into our cells - Catalase (CAT), Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione peroxidase enzymes (GPx) and others. The widespread existence of Nrf2 and its role in cellular protection as a master regulator of antioxidant defense makes it a viable target for upregulation against toxicity in most organs and tissues of the body.

Nrf2 induction or overexpression is shown to heighten cellular defense mechanisms during metabolic stress and convey neuroprotection during toxin-induced stress to the point of reduced lesion development. This cellular protection is also seen in the context of chemotherapy where concurrent Nrf2 induction protects healthy cells. Nrf2 induction is shown to convey critical defense against elevated serum-glucose-induced oxidative injury to cardiac muscle cells.

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