QIs Curcumin BDM30™ an antioxidant supplement too?

Curcumin BDM30™ exhibits a profound antioxidant potential never seen before on the planet jumping the ORAC value to an unprecedented 1,130,000 mM/TE per 600 mg Curcumin BDM30™ (125X more than regular curcumin). To put this in perspective, regular curcumin 95% delivers an ORAC value of 9000 mM/TE per 600 mg.

Adding to the abovementioned outstanding outside-in antioxidant activity, curcumin III (BDMC) is shown to activate endogenous or internal antioxidants that protect organelles of the cell by inducing Nrf2 activity. The Curcumin BDM30™ activity on Nrf2 delivers its inside-out protection of DNA, mitochondria, membranes and other intracellular life essentials by improving antioxidant status (like glutathione) inside the cell.

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