QWhy is it that the Curcumin BDM technology does not use Bioperin-like enhancement?

BDM30™ and BDM50™ are already bioavailability-enhanced. Bioperin, for example, has certainly been used for the longest time as an enhancer of bioavailability and serum survival for various botanicals. Nevertheless, the studies of such can be significantly manipulated to produce favourable outcomes so in real practice this activity is hit and miss. Having said that, the way BDM30™ and BDM50™ are designed the curcumin III ( bisdemethoxycurcumin) fraction is significantly increased from 1% naturally to as much as 50% in BDM technology and this provides improved stability for the other curcuminoids. Research also shows it facilitates bioavailability of the entire group of curcuminoids. Curcumin III acts in a lot of ways like bioperin has been shown to interact biologically: to alter p450 enzyme activity in support of better curcuminoid serum survival. However, over and above this pharmacology, curcumin III helps protect and preserve curcuminoid stability in solution as well.

Curcumin III delivers an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value that outperforms any compound we’ve studied in the past. It is in the order of 6,245,000 UNITS. As an example, to gain perspective, regular curcumin exhibits an ORAC value of only 9,500 UNITS when measured in precisely the same manner. This activity plays a huge role in stability preservation of the curcumin pharmacology and more; including the newly discovered additive anti-inflammatory pharmacology curcumin III delivers. Curcumin III’s properties override the benefits Bioperin offers as an added ingredient and allows us to deliver full curcuminoid load in the capsule by simply utilising curcumin’s inherent activity without compromising curcumin concentration. This is why reports from users reliably indicate faster results (within hours instead of days) and more intense anti-inflammatory (relief) activity with the BDM30™ /50 technologies.

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