QHow long will it take you to send me a quotation?
The turn-around on a quotation depends on many factors. First, our formulators review your formula to determine whether it will achieve your desired product parameters or they develop a formula from your product concept. Often there are several iterations required to fine tune and arrive at a final formula. Once the formula is finalized it is sent to our costing department to create a cost estimate. The estimate is based on the price of the raw materials, production costs, and packaging costs, if applicable. If the formula has a large number of materials or the materials are particularly unusual or unique we will need to confirm current pricing with our raw material suppliers or find a source for the new materials and obtain pricing and specifications. Once the cost estimate is complete, it is reviewed by the appropriate departments before being sent to your Rhema Account Executive for final review and quotation. The process of creating a formula, cost estimate and quotation can take as little as one to two days or up to three weeks. When you request a price your Rhema Account Executive can give you an approximate timeline for quoting on your formula.

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