QHow do you work with difficult materials?
Before a production batch is conducted, we evaluate the physical properties of the ingredients for parameters such as flowability and density as well as particle size and shape. Our team of technical experts makes a determination whether the ingredients can be mixed dry or whether wet granulation is required and in what type of blenders the ingredients will be mixed. We also consider other factors such as the time required for blending without causing particle separation or over mixing, the fill level of the blender, and the order of adding each ingredient.
When required, we employ various processes to prepare the ingredients for blending, compression or encapsulation.
Some of the processes we utilize to bring materials into a production-ready state include:
  • Milling, which will provide a consistent particle size
  • Granulation, which will form granules
  • Chilsonation, which will increase density
  • Trituration, which will intersperse the actives in a diluent to increase the surface area of the actives
Ideally, all materials would be received already in a free-flowing, production-ready state; however this is not always possible. When materials are difficult to work with, you can rely on Rhema’s experience, quality and innovation to find the best manufacturing solution.

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