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We are experts in flavouring powder drink mixes and chewable tablets. Botanical preparations, B vitamins, and green superfoods are especially challenging to flavour. We have extensive experience making these ingredients and many others taste good! Our product development experts and sales & marketing teams keep their fingers on the pulse of the natural products industry, and we are very proactive in helping our customers achieve best-in-class products. Rhema is one of the only pure-play contract manufacturers in North America to be able to manufacture health products and dietary supplements in both the USA and Canada.
We are also known for our coating capabilities. We offer standard coating (releases within one hour), delayed-release coating (releases for up to a six hour period), and GRAS-affirmed aqueous-based enteric coating (releases in the intestine). Coating, whether enteric, standard or delayed-release makes a tablet appear shiny, improves shelf-life and facilitates easier swallowing. For soft-gels and tablets, enteric coating protects the shell or core from disintegrating in the stomach allowing the contents to release in the small intestine, the primary site of absorption for many nutrients.

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